Spring Trend Alert

Who’s digging this new transparent handbag trend?

I noticed one of my favorite bloggers posting about it and well decided to give it a try. I’m more of a practical gal, so don’t think this will be my everyday go-to by any means, but it is cute for a switch up bag. Ya’ll know what I’m talking about right? I know I’m not the ONLY one that changes up the handbag to go with different looks or depending on the occasion, am I? Well anyways, even if I am, I think this bag is really cute for Spring. I accessorized mine with this super cute Twilly Scarf and LV Neverfull Pouch. Hope you like. I’ve listed a couple different options for you below. Happy Shopping! 😊

Find my clear tote, here @ Forever 21.

Similar Twilly Scarfs, here!

Debated on getting this clear tote before I found mine and I just couldn’t justify spending the additional $ if I wasn’t going to be carrying it a lot, but this one does look really nice.

Similar one here!

Also, like this one, also @ Forever 21.

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