Come on a Shopping Spree with ME ;)

OMG I'm so excited about all the things I just purchased from Nordstrom Rack for Spring and Summer! Ahhhhh!

I consider most all of these staple pieces that you can mix and match to make different looks, but the best part is that I saved over $600 from the retail price! Now that is what I call shopping like a BOSS! Hahahaa

1. Cute Floral Blouse

2. Red Bodysuit Tee

3. Striped Bodysuit Tee

4. Black Button Down Midi Dress

5. Neutral Bodysuit

6. Michael Kors Reversible Belt

7. Sage Jumpsuit

8. Floral & Dot Dress

9. Lace Blouse Bodysuit

10. Paperbag Waist Coral Print Midi Sundress

11. High Waist Tie Front Shorts in Chambray

12. Ribbed Mock Neck Midi Dress

13. High Waist Tie Front Shorts in Olive

14. Raw Hem Jeans

15. Leopard Wedge Sandal

16. Rose colored Michael Kors Belt

I will do other postings as I wear these items to show you individual looks, but if you see anything you like I suggest you get it now bc items sell out pretty quickly and you can only hold them in your cart for a limited amount of minutes then the item expires and you have to add it back before being able to purchase and that's if someone else doesn't snatch it up while you are busy looking at all the other fab finds, debating on what to buy :0 See, I'm that girl that likes to put a bunch of stuff in her cart, shop around and try to find the best deal (looking it up on other websites to compare prices) while trying to either convince myself that I REALLY need it or talk myself out of buying it. Does anyone else do this? LOL