Greece Sandals and 28 Weeks

So I FINALLY made it to my 3rd Trimester, YAAAAY! I am giving myself a pat on the back bc the struggle has been real ladies LOL. I know I still have a ways to go, but this experience has made me so proud to be a women and can't wait for my baby girl to get here so I can spoil her with LOVE and fashion hahahhaaa! Now on to the main point of this post, THESE SANDALS YA'LL! They are so comfy and cute. I saw a bunch of other bloggers posting about them and thought that I would make the purchase and so glad that I did bc not only are they maternity appropriate (being easy to take on and off), but they are the perfect sandal to dress up for work or down for the weekend!

Find mine here. They also come in this rhinestone version and these with studs, so cute!

If you have the money to spend then you can get this more expensive designer version here or if you are really on a tight budget then find this similar pair here for only $13!

Happy Shopping!!!

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