Behind the Blog Inspiration

I decided that it was about time for me to do this post, not only to hopefully obtain more followers, but to truly explain why (if you like my style) it is beneficial for you to follow me and what makes me different from other fashion bloggers.

First off, I guess I need to tell you more about myself so you can get to know the REAL me behind this blog. Well, I’m newly 34 years young lol, have been married for a lil over a year, have a precious pitty named Zoey and a serious love for fashion! I however, do work full time as Project Manager for a Software Company so this blog is really just a hobby for me.

In case you are not familiar with how most of fashion blogging works, usually you partner up with retailers to help promote the items they have for sale and in return get a % of the sale, if one is made through your reference. Yes, I myself am partnered with several retails, but limited to ONLY the ones that I actually shop at myself!

Ok, so what make me different you are asking? Well, to start and as I mentioned above this is my side gig, so I am using any of my spare time to share the blog post with you. Which has to come in between work, day to day task and taking care of my family-aka personal life. It does make it hard sometimes, but hopefully from one motivated woman to another it is appreciated. Knowing this should show that I am very devoted, go getter that is doing this out of pure passion for the fashion!

With that said, and on to the second differentiator…When doing a blog post I am putting in a lot of time to find you, my followers, the BEST deals. Yes, it is my personal wardrobe style, but I am hunting around to find you either the same item or similar items for the best price.

I love designer brands and believe that we all should be able to have them, but why not for the cheapest, right? Plus, this way you can have more. Think about it…If you want a Michael Kors bag which normally runs about $400 retail, but also really need a new pair of Jeans, then why shouldn’t you be able to have both for the price of one or less? Well, I can help you find that MK bag for usually less than half retail and also find you those Jeans you want on sale 😉 Shoot, I can probably find you a nice pair of shoes to go with the other two items and still keep it under the price of what the handbag retails for alone!

Third and final thing that makes me different is that I am not doing this to get famous. I am not trying to offend anyone whom is either, just clarifying that is not my goal. If anyone wants to do this to get famous then you have my support, you do you and I’m going to continue to do me! 😊 I am not a professional photographer or model, just a real working girl that genuinely wants to share what I find joy in. I feel that I do have a gift in finding really good deals on nice things which was the initiative behind me starting this blog and that is what I enjoy being able to share with you. More followers to me is really a win-win for both of us bc it will find you these items of mine that you like and want to buy on sale and in return give me a lil side cash to buy more items and share those deals with you! It’s kinda like the circle of life for fashion lol!

Well, hope this has helped to answer some questions and share what’s behind my curtain. Please feel free to email me at anytime! I would love to hear your feedback or answer any more questions you may have!

With Love-J