Winter is here...Stay Warm and Classy with this Coat!

Hope Everyone had a Merry Christmas with their friends and family!

If you have time off and are looking to shop, then now is the time to catch some great deals! Here in VA it is freezing and unfortunately Winter is just getting started! If your looking for a nice, classy, heavy coat, I 100% recommend this one. Mine is last year's version, but don't worry they still have several similar this year which I have listed for you below.

Macy's where mine is from has this really nice black one with fur trimmed hood, here Don't forget to use code JOY for extra 15% off!!!

They also have this one which is same, but without the hood. Again, don't forget promo code!

Lastly, there is this one which is similar in pattern to mine. No promo code, but it is already marked down and comparible in price to other two.

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