Cardio is Hardio, So you might as well look cute doing it right?


Zella Hoodie in sz small here and here (my color is sold out) with Zella Cropped Leggings, also in a small and Nikes, find here.

I have a funny post for you all today and its two things all about this outfit. First off being that on Saturday I was tired and in a hurry so did not realize that I had put these leggings on inside out and well, I went to the gym like that and didn't notice until half way through my workout LOL. Needless to say I immediate ran to the restroom to correct, but honestly no one would have even noticed bc it's obviously not obvious. The reason I am saying this is bc when I realized and after I corrected I went over to my husband interrupting his workout to let him know what had just happened and questioned why he wouldn't have said anything bc I would hope that he wouldn't let me leave the house if he had of, hahaha, and well he said he had know idea? I guess guys are just not observant like us women or maybe these leggings just look that good that you can wear them on both sides? Im gonna go with the second so that it won't make my husband look dense and bc I just LOVE these leggings that much, truly believing that they ARE that awesome!

Ok, so the second thing is that the Nikes must also be pretty awesome bc my husband liked them so much that he bought himself a pair this weekend! Maybe I will do a post with us being matchy matchy? Huummm, what do you think? Well, if you are looking for him then I have went ahead and linked where you can get them, just in case. Besides, Christmas is only several weeks away! Find his here :)

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