Classic GO-TO Satchel

Dupe of the Celine Micro Luggage Bag

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So, don't get me wrong, I don't mind putting $$$ into a quality bag. I have lots of designer handbags that I have invested in over the years, but you can't beat this deal. Believe me I know bc I have it! Maybe one day I will invest in the real Celine, but for now I am enjoying my DailyLook. I purchased mine from Amazon. They have a variety of colors, some even two-toned. I just preferred the black. Find it here and here, but you can also find it on the actual DL site here. Michael Kors also has a very similar one called the Colette Satchel here and here.

I have also listed below some of my other go-to black bags. Of course they are Michael Kors LOL

I love this one for my everyday tote! Amazon has for sale here. I added some hydrangeas <my favorite flower> to demonstrate size, but again this is a large carryall tote! Similar here and here (on sale). I also really like this one, also on sale!

and this one which is perfect for weekends...find it here and here. It is called the Michael Kors Medium Hyland Convertible Tote Bag which changes into a Messenger Bag when folded.

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